Ro on Love

Ro explains Love, as he knows it. Bear witness to his glorious emotion.


mumu and the wedding

i call my mother-in-law 'mumu' because i think its freaking hilarious and so in this vid she gets a little miffed because im such a lazy ass and im doing squat for the wedding -- i figure my job is staying cool and relaxing so everything goes well, dont you think?


here i am at spaceport omega delta niner, scoping out the chicks, relaxing out, left my portable tokermobile in the cargo hold, but as you can see im still digging it baby

freaky punk

in this vid my loveable munchkin tells me that im a freaky punk, dont ask me why... im as confused as y'all are


im a racecar driver baby

so yeah my mom taught me how to drive and she is very good and very pretty and this is her car and i adore the car it is like a rocket under me

i have a crap ford taurus that my pops made me get because i crashed my grand am really badly and then needed to buy something and now i have a family car and wahhhhhh

goddamn the worst part is that my wife drives the taurus so i sit around with nowhere to go because im in a hirise building which is like a cloistered cave

no wonder im such a cool dude on the net, this kind of living does that to a person

circle of ro and this love

this is a moment that i captured of myself so it is very good because where else do you get to see my sweating face going round and round with a nice song 'Afternoon Delight' -- think about it

this is really really rare

all gathered round watching vlogmania

thanks vlogmania -- here are my mother and brother gathered round the little lappy staring at your face, my god how things have changed we used to have to watch each other and that gave us horrible dreams the likes of which the world has never seen before


my family trick

as i am a valued member of my family, nay, leader of my family... i must perform certain tricks to keep everyone in check, and have them witness my power

so therefore i take it upon myself to perform at every family gathering, at least 3 tricks. this is one of them

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